Mad Men Falling Man Street Posters Humorously Altered

You may remember we recently posted about the stark minimalistic “falling man” poster that was created to promote the upcoming fifth season of Mad Men. Well, the street version of that poster has taken on a meme of its own, where it has been humorously altered (either in real life or digitally) to incorporate the “falling man” into a funny scene. He can now be found breakdancing, bouncing on a trampoline and being saved by Superman. Someone even brought beloved Muppet, Cookie Monster of Sesame Street, into the act. Gothamist has been taking submissions of the altered image and has posted two galleries of the best ones [gallery 1, gallery 2]. If you wish to alter your own, here is a clean digital version from AMC, the producers of Mad Men.

via Karen Finlay, Slate and Gothamist

images via Gothamist