Macworld Keynote 2008 Predictions Form Contest

MacWorld Keynote Prediction Form

The Bureau of Communication is a really cool website that provides several simple and elegant online forms that you can fill out and send to people for a variety of everyday correspondence, like a formal apology or airing a grievance.

The Bureau of Communication was created by Magnetism Studios, the guys behind Insanely Great Tees and their latest form is for a Macworld Keynote 2008 Predictions contest, where the best entries will win t-shirts.

Like a lot of you, we’re pretty curious to see what Apple will be coming out with next week at the Macworld Expo. We’ve got a few theories of our own, though time will tell how many of them come true. In the meantime, coming up with half-baked theories and trying to convince your friends is a pretty fun past time. That’s why we came up with our Official Keynote Prediction form. You fill it out with your theories and send it to your friends. Try it, it’s fun!

Speaking of the upcoming Macworld Keynote, Matt Haughey has created an interesting experiment, the Keynote Index Fund that asks the following question:

What if you invested $10,000 the day before the keynote, then sold at the end of the keynote day? What if you waited until the day after? What if you did this every year for the past ten years that Jobs has been doing them? Is it possible to make money off the Apple keynote talks given by Steve Jobs?

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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