Luma Loop and LoopIt Camera Slings


Luma Labs recently announced the second generation of their wonderful camera sling the Luma Loop.

Camera slings aren’t new, they’ve just gotten popular in recent years. When we set out to make the Loop, we challenged ourselves to surpass every aspect of existing camera slings and make something better. Along the way, we asked lots of questions. How can we improve how a sling attaches to the camera? How can we make it more comfortable? How can we utilize higher quality materials and processes?

The result is the Loop. It’s the ultimate camera sling and a great way to carry your SLR camera with you everywhere you go.


They also announced the new LoopIt, a Loop style camera sling for smaller cameras (it’s currently out of stock, but will be available again in January).

From the moment we first handled a Micro Four Thirds camera, we started thinking about a sling that would be perfect for it. After all, the shoulder pad that makes the Loop perfect for carrying around large professional SLR is overkill for lightweight cameras like the Panasonic GF1. So, we slimmed the design down to its most essential and the result is an affordable sling that’s perfect for anything that weighs two pounds or less.

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