Loving Human With a Heavy Heart Arranges For Her Dying Dog to Play In The Snow One Last Time

When Alyson Page of Leigh, Greater Manchester, England found out that Sophie, her beautiful 6-year old St. Bernard, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, she knew she had to do something special. Despite it being summer, Page was able to arrange for Sophie to have just one more romp around in the (artificial) snow at the Chill Factore, an indoor ski center just hours before she was put to sleep. Page spoke with the Manchester Evening News about how this plan came together at the very last possible minute.

I had been searching for ideas for something to make the last time that we have got with her really special because she is such a special dog. She absolutely loves the snow, so I sent an email cheekily on the off-chance, I never expected them to be so kind to let us come and bring her. We got a reply yesterday and it was just before we were due to have her put to sleep, so it was just amazing. She has not really shown any interest in anything for a couple of weeks now, so just to see her with a waggy tail and diving around in the snow has just been amazing. It’s been a wonderful end for her.

via Manchester Evening News, Nothing To Do With Arbroath