Determined Lovebird Demands Entry Into Kitchen Cabinet

An adorably yet determined lovebird named Princetopher is so fond of the kitchen cabinet that, when her human Tamia banned entry due to all the broken glassware, the bird made her demands known with destructive measures everywhere else in the house.

The moment we open the cabinet she flies in and refuses to get out she’s obsessed with the cabinet and particularly her coffeepot …she’ll fight beak and claw to stay inside. …So we decided to keep the cabinet closed if we wanted any of our glassware to survive that immediately escalated tensions in the house.

Lovebird Kitchen Cabinet

Prince found other places to hide, including the dirty garbage pail.

Then naturally Prince began looking for a new home for herself and we never could have guessed what she ended up settling on.

Rather than fight with her beloved lovebird, Tamia came to a compromise. A tiny but clean garbage pail on her own shelf in the closet.

Look, at the end of the day there’s no bird quite like Prince. I love every aspect of her personality even the sassiest parts. She’s not just made this her home she’s made us feel at home so we decided that Prince deserved her own space in the cabinet. Let’s call it a compromise.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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