Love & Hate: Grenade, Brass Knuckles, and Glock Pistol in Felted Wool

Love & Hate, triptych, 2011

Love & Hate, barrel detail

Love & Hate, grenade detail 2

Love & Hate, brass knuckles, detail 1

Love & Hate, Glock, right view

“Love & Hate” by Nifer Fahrion of NifNaks is a wonderful triptych of three full scale weapons rendered in wool felt: a fragmentation grenade, brass knuckles, and a Glock handgun. Each piece was painstakingly hand made from Merino wool, with no foam or wire structures underneath. NifNaks is offering the triptych for sale to the discerning soft weapons collector for $1200 (contact Nifer Fahrion for details).

I spent hours upon hours stabbing the wool, watching as it compacted and distorted. Then I added more wool, continuing to stab and watch it form in unpredictable ways, and continued again… With such an intense focus with the intention of recreating these weapons realistically, I became intimately familiar with the objects. I was fully present in the experience of observing the subject of my gaze. Thus, these sculptures become only the documentation of my mindful meditation on them.

photos by Nifer Fahrion

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