A Little Girl and Her Beloved Dog Have Loud Conversations in a Language of Their Very Own

A two year old named Everlee and her dedicated dog Dude carried on several rather loud, but adorable conversations that appeared to be in a language all their own. The little girl was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy that causes speech delays, but Dude, who has been with the family since Everlee was born, is an Alaskan Husky (50% Siberian and 50% Husky mix), a type of breed well known for being highly vociferous. The two have established such a close bond, that Dude is actually teaching Everlee how to use her voice.

Everlee a two-year-old who is speech delayed due to her epilepsy and her pup, Dude, who have been inseparable since the day Everlee was brought home from the hospital. They are truly a bonded pair. He is always right by her, he is actually the one that taught her to do this.