Turning Little Free Libraries Into Free Food Pantries

Stewards of the Little Free Libraries (previously) across the world are replacing free books with paper, canned and non-perishable goods, turning these small spaces into little free pantries.

To all our neighbors affecting (sic) by the COVID-19 virus, this Little Free Library has been converted into a Little Free Food Pantry. Take what you need and if you can, please donate what you can spare.

Cornwall, Ontario City Councillor Carilyne Hebert even kept a few books in with the groceries.

In another instance, when the doors came off another Little Free Library, someone took it upon themselves to fill the library shelves with knitting needles, yarn, and good wishes to keep safe.

By chance, when COVID-19 was really gearing up in my area, a freak wind storm blew the door off my library. I had to close. A week later I walked by to find it full of wool and knitting needles with signs saying ‘Take me and social distance like a champ.

via Mental Floss

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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