A Lively Lioness Eagerly Plays a Feline Version of Fetch With Big Sticks Thrown Over the Fence

Lively Lioness Fetches Stick

While visiting the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in the Vaalwater region of Limpopo province, South Africa, Cole and Marmalade‘s human Chris Poole played a very feline version of fetch with a beautiful and lively lioness named Serabie, who eagerly chased after the big sticks he threw over the fence but took her time returning them. Her maned mates tried to either join in or get out of the way, yet neither tact seemed to work.

Well… it’s more like “Kill The Stick” but it’s fun to watch and great enrichment too. Remember these cats may look cute and cuddly but they’re still WILD ANIMALS! … Don’t trust any facilities that allow contact with big cats.

Lion Trying to Play

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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