Lincolnshire Trust for Cats, A Retirement Home for Felines Who Outlive Their Humans

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The Lincolnshire Trust for Cats, a seven-acre sanctuary in Osgodby, Lincolnshire, UK, is a comfortable place for British cats to live out the rest of their lives when their humans die, or in other words, a retirement home for felines who have outlived their humans. The trust only asks for a will provision addressing the cat’s needs and an initial admission fee of £850, after which time the cat will become the responsibility of the trust.

Quite often, when an elderly person dies, the animals that are left behind are elderly themselves. Would you want your lifelong friend to be put in a pen for the rest of its life, with no hope of a home because of its age? If the answer is no, then maybe now is the time to be thinking of making provision in your will and giving some indication of your wishes regarding your pet’s future. Sometimes it is far kinder for an elderly frail cat to be put to sleep, however there are alternatives and one of the options might be for your cat to come into the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats.

Donations to the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats can be made through their site.

As a charitable organisation, the Trust relies solely on donations for its income. It costs on average around £250,000 per year to run the Trust and without the help of donations we would be unable to care for the number of cats that we do.

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