A LEGO Train Designed to Transport Cats

The engineer behind Brick Technology used his two cats, Cookie and Muffin, to accurately measure and design a LEGO train to carry them around the house.

Building an RC Lego train that cats can ride in with 3D printed rails and wheels. My 2 cats Cookie and Muffin are tired of walking, they’d rather travel by Lego train.

He built the train in segments, using 3D-printed parts to build the frame and connect the cars. He also inserted pneumatic hinges, car coupling, and lighting that were all controlled by LEGO Powered Up to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Lego isn’t designed for building a large train that can carry cats because it lacks large wheels and rails for smooth movement. To solve this, 3D printing was used to create these parts. … The carriages are designed like trams, the only type suitable for transporting cats, as the cat’s weight helps with wheel-rail friction.

LEGO Train Transports Cats

When the trolley cars were complete, the engineer tried every trick in the book to get his two cats to ride. Eventually, he settled on treats.

My cats riding the train was a combination of luck and gradually getting them used to it by rewarding them with their favorite snacks. ….Fortunately, they are curious and enjoy interacting with my crazy inventions.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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