A LEGO Recreation of ‘Central Perk’, The Beloved Coffee Shop Featured on ‘Friends’

Central Perk LEGO

LEGO aficionado Fievet Aymeric submitted his LEGO Ideas design for “Central Perk”, a LEGO version the beloved coffee shop featured on Friends. Aymeric was sure to include every last detail (using over 1,700 bricks) in his vision to recreate one of the most iconic fictional coffee shops in the world. Luckily, his submission was officially approved.

Composed 1719 brick and 7 figures, this set includes a sofa 3 persons and armchair around a central coffee table. Another important element of this set is the angle counter with various details that make the charm of this famous coffee. An impressive buffet behind the counter consists of a gigantic coffee machine, mugs, and various treats. Other decorative elements show the typical decoration of a New Yorker coffee. On each table, there are many accessories such as towel dispenser.

He also created a wonderfully whimsical video to promote this project.

Friends Central Perk Coffee Shop

Central Perk Friends LEGO

Friends Central Perk LEGO Cafe

Friends Central Perk LEGO Set


Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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