A Remarkable Menagerie of Evolved Mecha Creatures Made Out of LEGO

LEGO Mecha Cameroceras-02

Mitsuru Nikaido, who previously created “Mecha Coelacanth”, an adapted LEGO living fossil fish, has continued his series with a wide and remarkable LEGO menagerie of evolved Mecha creatures.

These creatures range from the deep sea (nautilus, octopus, squid, football fish), to land (mole rat, spider, gecko), to air (birds), to water (tardigrade, pufferfish, alligator), and even the extinct (Triceratops). Like the Mecha Coelacanth, these animals have adapted to thrive in a harsher environment than those of the previous generations.

Nikaido has started selling many of these designs as NFTs on Open Sea.

LEGO Bird_10
LEGO Mecha Triceratops_02
LEGO Mecha Water Bear_04
LEGO Mecha Walrus_08
LEGO Mecha Nautilus Mk2-06
LEGO Mecha  Octopus Mk2-07

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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