Legendary Talk Show Host Dick Cavett and Cartoonist Al Jaffee Discuss the Merits of Yiddish

In a video shot by Jeff Newelt for Heeb Magazine, legendary talk show host Dick Cavett and Mad Magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee discuss the merits of the Yiddish language while riding in the back of a car.

Jaffee: Yiddish expressions, while many of them could be considered tasteless, are very descriptive. They get to the heart of things. I could say them to myself, but I wouldn’t try to translate them.

Cavett: Not in mixed company.

The video is part of a larger piece for Heeb, capturing the pair’s involvement with the 2776 comedy album alongside comedian Dick Gregory and New York television personality Joe Franklin.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Brian Heater
Brian Heater