Legendary Diver Valerie Taylor Talks About How She Became Good Friends with a Spotted Moray Eel

Valerie Taylor, the legendary SCUBA diver, marine conservationist, underwater photographer and videographer, talks with the Central Florida Aquarium Society and tells the story of her affectionate relationship with a beautiful spotted moray eel who, like many of her species, was very shy at first.

In this band of sea, I’d go down and visit this eel, because, like a lot of animals, they have a home. And she could always be found in her home. She never, ever was friendly. I offered a fish, she wasn’t friendly. And this is year to year to year. Then one day, I’m lying outside chatting away to this eel and she came out. She didn’t just come out. She swam around me, she swam between my legs, she nuzzled my face – it was amazing. And after that, we have been great friends.