Laughing Squid Detroit Drinkup in Royal Oak

Joe Louis knocks out the Ren Center

I’m visiting the Detroit area next week and while there we will be hosting a Laughing Squid Detroit Drinkup on Wednesday, August 20th at the Royal Oak Brewery in Royal Oak. I’ll be there with Frank Escamilla, who just joined the Laughing Squid team. Rumor has it that Laughing Squid’s director of special projects John Law will be in attendance as well.

We’re meeting for drinks at 7pm and if you are coming, please RSVP on Upcoming.

Fun facts about Royal Oak:

– In 1991 Thomas McIlvane killed five people and himself at the Royal Oak post office, helping to give birth to the phrase “going postal”.

– The television show Home Improvement was set in Royal Oak.

Bruce Campbell was born in Royal Oak.

– Royal Oak was home to the wonderful, now defunct Orbit Magazine. A scene from “Pulp Fiction” features Quenin Tarrentino wearing an Orbit Magazine “Orby” t-shirt .

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