Laughing Squid: Decade 2 – This Saturday Night

St. Stupid's After, After Party

Ok, here’s a final update on Laughing Squid: Decade 2, our big 11th anniversary party taking place this Saturday, November 18th from 7pm to 3am at Mighty in San Francisco.


    The latest information can always be found on the Laughing Squid: Decade 2 event page:


    We’re having the event at Mighty, a great club located at the foot of Potrero Hill, on the edge of SOMA. There will be three main areas, the big room inside, a smaller side room (chill lounge area) and the outside area. Mighty is 21 and over. Yeah, that includes babies and kids. Sorry, it’s the law, there’s not much we can do.


    The event takes place this Saturday, November 18th. It’s going to be a big crowd, so we are starting things off early at 7pm. Mighty has an after hours permit, so we are going to go until 3am. That way, even when they close the bar, we won’t have to kick people out right away.


    Advance tickets are now on sale for $8 through Brown Paper Tickets. They will be available until Saturday morning. After that, it’s $10 at the door.


    We will be giving out free Laughing Squid: Decade 2 Posters which were created by mega toy photographer Brian McCarty.

  • Mr. Lucky


    My good friend mikl-em is this year’s Master of Ceremonies. I met him way back in Bubble 1.0 when he was making grilled cheese sandwiches with He was a co-producer of our Tentacle Sessions series, which he followed-up with his own First Frickin’ Friday events. He’s been both a joker and a monster. We’re honored to have him as our host on Saturday night.


    Inside Mighty, we’ll be kicking things off with a bang right at 7pm with DJ Big Daddy of Cyclecide, followed by an absurd $25,000 Pyramid Scheme Game Show hosted by RICK! and David Calkins.

    Next up it’s the indescribable Freakotronic. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

    Then the lovely Twilight Vixen Revue will take the stage with their very special guest, the rambunctious Anita Cocktail.

    Anchoring the night’s performances, will be the one and only Mr. Lucky & The Cocktail Party featuring that crazy man on the horns, Ralph Carney.

    Mighty is a DJ temple and what better place to sacrifice yourself to the far out sounds DJ tOaD & DJ timmmii (they will be working the side lounge throughout the event as well). Then, making her debut at a Laughing Squid event, will be the beautiful and talented DJ Justin Credible, who will bring it on home.

    Oh yeah, throughout the night I’ll be projecting my slide show on Mighty’s big screens featuring 1300 photos that I have shot over the last few years. There’s a good chance that you’re in one of the photos.

  • Fire Canon


    Outside of Mighty we will have several Art Cars, including Art Car chronicler Harrod Blank’s original art car Oh My God!.

    Also outside will be the fortune telling BuddaHCookieS by the multi-talented Gaspo, the ego satisfying Photoboof, The Popcorn Guys will be popping up their delicious kettle corn and that wonder of the industrial age, the steam-powered Neverwas Runabout will be making the rounds.

    David Calkins, the man behind RoboGames & ComBots and the mistress of Suicide Bots herself, Simone Davalos will be on hand with their robotic wonders the Mars Rover, R2D2 and Chapok, The Andoroid’s Bartender, all veterans of events such as RoboGames and Roboexotica. Ask them nicely and they might let you run them.

    Then as an extra special treat, Jon Sarriugarte is bringing out one of his awesome Fire Cannons, which has previously made appearances at SRL shows, Maker Faire and NIMBY.

    The amazing Coil lighting crew will be providing beautiful atmospheric lighing to add to the scene.

    Mutual Aid Response Services (MARS) will be on hand to keep things safe.

    And of course, no Laughing Squid event would be complete without our mascots, The Doggie Diner Dog Heads of The Holy Trinity of the Dogminican Order.

Oh hey, this is a public event, so feel free to spread the word by blogging about it, posting it to mailing lists and so on. See you on Saturday!

photo credit: Scott Beale