Latest Humble Bundle Lets Buyers Pay What They Want For Video Games by Double Fine Productions

The latest Humble Bundle offers three DRM-free games from Double Fine ProductionsCostume Quest, Psychonauts, and Stacking — on a pay-what-you-want basis for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. Those who pay more than average will also receive a copy of Brutal Legend, and those who pay more than $35 will be counted as backers of Double Fine’s Kickstarter-funded Broken Age, formerly known as Double Fine Adventure. The Humble Double Fine Bundle also includes soundtracks for Psychonauts and Brutal Legend alongside the games, and those who spend $70 will receive a Double Fine Productions t-shirt with a design representing each of the games included in the bundle. Buyers can divide their payment however they choose between game developers, Child’s Play Charity, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Humble Double Fine Bundle will be available until May 21st, 2013.