Ladies of Ragnarok, A Tour Featuring Molly Lewis & The Doubleclicks

Tour poster

Molly Lewis and The Doubleclicks with Dammit Liz (Smith) are hitting the road for the 2012 Ladies of Ragnarok Tour, a show that will bring ‘clever, geek-inspired tunes to audiences’ throughout several cities in the United States (“all the while preparing all for Ragnarok, the zombie apocalypse, aliens that Curiosity may or may not discover on Mars, and whatever else 2012 may bring…”). A promo video has been released by the Ladies and a list of tour dates is available at their site.

Produced by Dammit Liz, this fantastic show will be enhanced by guests such as whimsical folk-funk songstress Marian Call and geek-flavored comedian Joseph Scrimshaw in some cities. Ladies of Ragnarok hit the East Coast and Midwest this fall: See them before the world ends!

poster art by Adam Levermore via Ladies of Ragnarok