Amazing Interactive 3D Chalk Murals by Kurt Wenner

Former NASA artist Kurt Wenner creates amazing, interactive 3D art chalk murals on streets, sidewalks, and other public spaces. Wired spoke with Wenner to learn more about his love of illusion.

What illusion does, fundamentally, it tells us or reminds us that everything we think is real is in some way an illusion. The geometry of the illusions is very precise and they’re made to be seen from exactly one point in space. …

He also talks about the ephemeral yet highly impactful nature of his work.

People misunderstand the impermanence. People think you do the work and then it goes away. When you’re dealing with materials and situations where the work is impermanent, it doesn’t work that way. The work is going away while you’re doing it, so it’s like building a sandcastle ….This is an art form which grew up as a communication tool. It grew up as a way to engage the public. The beauty of the work is to consider the environment, the spectators, the public, the point of view of the viewer, and to compose a work which creates a relationship between all those three elements.