Koala Baby Snuggles With His Mom While She Receives Treatment for Injuries After a Car Accident

Koala and baby
Koala joey Phantom snuggles with his mom while she receives treatment for her injuries.

A koala now named Lizzy was hit by a car near Brisbane, Australia while carrying her six-month-old joey. Workers at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital took Lizzy and her joey—who they named Phantom—in for treatment. Hospital staff captured a photo of baby Phantom snuggling his mom while she received treatment for a collapsed lung and face trauma. The hospital, which treats about 70 koalas each month, is still treating Lizzy until she is recovered and can return to the wild. Donations for her care and the care of other animals at the hospital can be made on their website.

Phantom the koala joey
Phantom rolled into a koala baby blanket burrito.

photos via Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

via Yahoo News