A Trio of Tiny Kittens Engage in an Adorable Wrestling Match Inside a Tiny WrestleMania Wrestling Ring

Ashley Ward brought home a toy “WrestleMania” ring that she purchased for just $2 at a local thrift store near her home in Denton, Texas. As soon as she set it down, her three tiny little kittens, Rascal, Teeny and Tiny, started an adorable tag team match in the middle of the living room. Two of the little felines happily rolled around inside the ring, while the little ginger stayed on the outskirts while getting shots in from the outside. That was until the other two decided it was his time to throw down.

Kittens and a $2 WrestleMania, thrift store find!

While these three kitties have gotten famous overnight, there will be no taking them away from a determined doxie named Dotty.

via Kenneth Jordan

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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