Ten Tiny Kittens Left on the Side of a Road Follow a Compassionate Woman All the Way Home

While walking her dog one morning, a woman came across a litter of ten tiny kittens who were left abandoned and completely defenseless by the side of a road in Dalby, Queensland, Australia. Without hesitation, the compassionate woman stopped to collect the kittens, but couldn’t carry all of them by herself, so she decided retrieve her car from home in order to transport the tiny felines.

En route to the car, the woman noticed that all ten kittens followed right behind her in an adorable little line. When the runt of the litter got too tired to go on, the woman carried the exhausted kitten the rest of the way.

Unable to pick all of them up, I started walking back home to get my car. When all ten of the kittens ran after me for at least a kilometre, the tiny one that I will be keeping got really tired, so I had to carry her the majority of the way. I took all ten of them home and fed and rehomed the other nine which have all gone to reliable kind homes. I hope that whoever dumped those babies on the road in winter feels horrible for what they’ve done.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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