Wobbly Kitten Shows His Joy With Adorable Kicks

A beautiful orange kitten named Butters, who was born with severe cerebellar hypoplasia, shows his human Alison when he’s happy by kicking in a specific way. Because this neurological condition affects his sense of balance, Butters adorably uses his legs to communicate with his human while lying on the floor.

Butters expresses pretty much everything through his little kicks. It means that I can tell that he’s excited and he’s happy. He has a couple of different kinds of kicks.  He has his breakfast kickies and his supper kickies he looks like he’s riding a bicycle. He also has picked me up kicks they’re a little bit slower. His kicks are so cute.

Butters uses a wheelchair to get around. Alison found Butters through Team Cat Rescue in Toronto. She started out fostering him and eventually adopted him. It has been good for both of them.

I fostered butters for over a year and I just ended up officially adopting him. He has definitely made huge improvements. It’s very heartwarming to see him continue to learn new things.