Kind Sanitation Workers Help Out the Family of a Little Girl With Cancer Who Always Waves to Them

In a truly touching story of human generosity, a pair of amiable garbage men named Brandon Olsen and Taylor Fitz, who work for Hometown Sanitation in Blue Earth, Minnesota, looked forward to seeing a trio of smiling little girls named Grace, Sophia and Rose Evenson, waving at them through the window every Thursday. After Halloween, their mom Angie left a note for the men letting know that family may not be home for a few of those precious Thursdays because 3-year old Rose was being treated for kidney cancer that had spread to her lungs. Filled with compassion and benevolent determination, the two men responded with simple but generous acts of kindness seeking to help the family in any way they could.

Around Halloween the guys dropped off treats for the girls. In return the girls drew them pictures, which the trash guys now treasure. ..The next week Olsen and Fritz left the Evenson family a note from their company. “Our teammates Brandon and Taylor filled us in on the situation and shared the very kind note that you left for them. We were so proud that their gestures gave you a reason to smile recently. Please accept our gift of free garbage service for you through the end of 2017,” Angie Evenson read. On this collection day, the guys made another delivery: Christmas gifts for the girls and their baby brother Lincoln. Making the most of a visit where all the girls were home.

Angie’s sister is raising money through GoFundMe in order to help the Evenson family with unknown medical expenses.

Expenses at this time are very unknown as they only received the diagnosis yesterday, but will for sure include travel back and forth from Blue Earth to Sioux Falls every 2 weeks or so for several months, for chemo and radiation. Rosie does have health insurance, but how much it will cover is unknown.