Kevin Rose Photo on the Front of San Francisco Chronicle

PodTech on front page of San Francisco Chronicle

My photo of Kevin Rose with the LED digg counters is on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle today along with three photos by Violet Blue. Unfortunately the photo credits are wrong on three of the four of the photos. They gave me credit for the photos of Geek Entertainment TV and Studio SX that Violet shot and credited Violet for my photo of Kevin (we were able to get them corrected on SF Gate). Oh well, so much for fact checking.

Kevin Rose Diggs It

The article “Where Old and New Media Collide”, was written by Dan Fost and explores the ways media is changing as evidenced by the discussions taking place this year at SXSW Interactive 2007. The article references SplashCast, and PodTech, as well as Amanda Congdon, Robert Scoble, Nick Douglas, Nate Pagel and others.

Violet, who writes the “Open Source Sex” column for the San Francisco Chronicle, wasn’t very thrilled with Dan’s article and asks “Why are tech writers retarded?”

photo credit: Jeremiah Owyang (Irina Slutsky and newspaper) & Scott Beale (Kevin Rose with LED digg counters)
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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