Roger the Kangaroo Flexes His Giant Muscles In an Effort to Make His Human Go Away

We previously wrote about Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes and his mission to save orphaned, abandoned, and ill kangaroos of the Australian Outback. Of the resident mob, Roger stood out the most because of his enormous stature. More recently in January 2017, Brolga tried to approach Roger as he usually does, but quickly understood that Roger wasn’t in the mood. The annoyed alpha got up on his toes, flexed his giant muscles and tutted loudly in an effort to make Brolga go away.

My little boy Roger telling me to go away…so I did as I was told….because he is the boss of our Sanctuary

At the end of 2016, Roger proudly strutted before the camera.

Occasionally Roger will even chill out for a bit.