Wonderfurryland, The Distinct Fluffy Black Cats Hand Inked by Kamwei Wong Create a World of Their Own

Malaysian artist Kamwei Fong, who previously drew whimsical ink illustrations of big cats with fluffy tails that carry self-directed motivational messages, has created “Wonderfurryland”, a beautiful large piece that features many of Fong’s distinctive hand-inked fluffy black felines. Some of the cats are original to the print, while others may have appeared in other works, but they all have a part to play in this land of everything kitty.

I enjoyed the process very much, it’s therapeutic and full of joy, to see every bit added to the composition day by day. Initially, I planned to finish it before August but along the way, I keep adding more and more kitties spontaneously. …It took me more time than expected to finish because I kept adding more and more kitties. Now it looks so different from my original sketch. There are Kitty Mountain, Kitty Sun and Kitty Moon, and many other kitties I created previously. I wonder how many kitties are there now in the Wonderfurryland

Fong had originally started this project several years ago but came back to it.

The very first rough sketch was done a few years back. I’ve got the best one after a week and now I’m inking the fur very very patiently and very carefully with every single detail as this is the first time ever I work on such a complicated composition.


via My Modern Met