Justin.tv Launches Look Shiny Featuring Nick Douglas

SXSW 2007

Justin.tv has just launched a new channel today, Look Shiny, featuring my good friend, blogger and noted raconteur Nick Douglas. I remember telling Nick he should do this from the very beginning since he knows a lot of people and is open to doing interesting stuff. Nick will still maintain his original video blog, Look Shiny along with his new live stream.

Nick Douglas, failed blogger and freelance writer, has nothing to do all day. So he walks around mocking people and finding bums in the park.

Funny this should happen on the very same day that Nick Denton finally announces a new editor for Valleywag, (Nick Douglas was the original editor of Valleywag).

Nick is looking for talent. I you want to be on his show, email him at nick AT lookshiny DOT com. Oh and he’s also broke, so sponsorships are available as well.

photo credit: Scott Beale