John Lennon Describes the Very First Time He Took Acid In an Animated Interview by Rolling Stone

In an interview animated by Rolling Stone, the late, great John Lennon described the circumstances under which he took acid for the very first time. In the spring of 1965 while he and his wife Cynthia were having dinner with George Harrison and Patty Boyd at the home of their dentist, John Riley. After dinner, Riley offered them coffee sweetened with LSD-laden sugar cubes in the drink without their knowledge. Needless to say, that night took on a life of its own, moving from Riley’s house to the Ad Lib club and then finally to the Harrison-Boyd home.

God, it was just terrifying, but it was fantastic. George’s house seemed to be just like a big submarine… It seemed to float above his wall, which was 18 foot, and I was driving it. I did some drawings at the time, of four faces saying, ‘We all agree with you.’ I was pretty stoned for a month or two.