John Hodgman Becomes Steve Jobs, Shuts Down Apple


I’m following Engadget’s live coverage of the Steve Jobs keynote at WWDC 2007 and Ryan Block just reported that they started off the event with one of those “Get a Mac” ads, but this time John Hodgman appears on screen, dressed in Steve Job’s trademark black mock turtle neck and blue jeans.

10:02AM – Lights are going down. People are shouting “Steve!” It’s a Mac / PC ad… John Hodman comes out. “Hello everyone, I’m Steve Jobs.” Laughs. “I’ve got some big news this year, I want the whole world to hear it. I quit. Yes, that’s right, I’m resigning effective immediately, and shutting down all of Apple.” Huge laughs.

10:03am – “I didn’t have a choice, Vista is performing so well — it sold tens of dozens of copies. Leopard was going to get lost in all that Wow. And I’ve got my iPod killer — a brown Zune. It’s time for Apple to wave the white flag. Don’t shed tears, just take those big brains out of the Mascarpone center…”

photo credit: Ryan Block (Engadget)
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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