John Cleese Hilariously Insults Taylor Swift’s Lovely Scottish Fold Cat on the Graham Norton Show

John Cleese, Taylor Swift and cricket player Kevin Pietersen got on to the subject of cats while appearing on The Graham Norton Show in 2014. Both Cleese and Swift love cats, but when a picture of Olivia, Swift’s beautiful Scottish Fold was shown to the group, Cleese asked if she were a “proper cat”, proclaiming that Olivia was the “weirdest cat he’d ever seen in his life”. Norton then responded with a picture of Cleese’s giant long-haired cat, claiming that Olivia was not the weirdest cat he’d ever seen. Pietersen, however, declared that he didn’t like cats at all, causing Swift to move closer to Cleese.

I am not a great a massive fan of cats here. ..I’m not a massive fan …I’m in South Africa this time next week on Safari. I like the big cats… I’d prefer to be and probably something people don’t know about me I prefer to be on safari watching animals with animals more than I’d like to be on this sofa or playing cricket.

Later on, Swift talked about how she came up with the idea for hosting parties for her fans at her house.