Jimmy Buffett Performs ‘Distantly in Love and ‘Come Monday’ on Letterman in 1983

While appearing on Late Night with David Letterman in March of 1983, the late great Jimmy Buffett performed acoustic versions of “Distantly in Love” and “Come Monday” while seated next to the host. Buffett explained that the second song, which Letterman requested he play, really hit home for him.

This is “Come Monday”…it is a song that  kept me from killing myself in the Howard Johnson’s in Marin County… well it hit and  I paid the rent got my dog out of the pound  and … I was deathly depressed too I was in a Howard Johnson’s under Mount Tamalpais in Marin County and living there playing in San Anselmo  it was awful and I wrote this song and it hit and the rest is history.

Jimmy Buffet Come Monday Letterman

With the news of his passing on September 1, 2023, both The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and 60 Minutes also shared footage of Buffet’s past interviews and performances.

Rest in Peace Jimmy. We’ll always be looking for our lost shaker of salt.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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