jetBlue Rocks


So I finally got a chance to fly jetBlue and as many people before me have noted, it simply rocks. Sophisticated and snaky, jetBlue has a great website and are very efficient in most every way. They are much more customer focused than other airlines I have flown and their air fares are very reasonable.


jetBlue’s planes have more room per seat (all seats are leather) than many other airlines and their headrests have monitors with 38 channels of DirectTV available to each passenger, which really helps the travel time fly by. With their in flight channel you can track you flight across the country along with seeing how fast and high you are flying. It’s great for those of us who are into tracking the progress of things.

They have also eliminated the class system, so everyone flies the same, their is no first class or business class and they do not charge for snacks. Many other airlines have long way to get to even get close service level provided by jetBlue.


At JFK they even offer free wi-fi with a central hub with plenty of power outlets where you can sit down, re-charge and get stuff done. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

David Neeleman

Their CEO, David Neeleman, posts company news and updates to his flight log where last month he announced the great news that in May jetBlue will start flying out of SFO to JFK and Boston, with other cities to be added in the future.

photo credit: Scott Beale
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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