Coordinated Java Sparrow Seamlessly Rides Down Two Separate Ramps on Two Different Skateboards

A very clever and coordinated Java sparrow named Kota deftly rode a tiny skateboard down a tiny ramp and jumped onto another skateboard on another ramp alongside the first and seamlessly rode it downhill until she reached the treat at the end.

Like Charlie the Parrotlet, Kota learned how to ride at a with the help of her human.

(translated) The name of the bird is “Kota”. 3 years old as of 2020 with a female. Skateboarding has been more than two years. As a background of starting to ride, from the time of the chick, she played with a finger skateboard that I gave her. I turned it upside down and she got on top of it. I tried it first with a piece of cardboard. She didn’t seem scared at that time, and then jumped on her skateboard from my finger and went up a gentle slope. She may have been like practice or training.

Bird on Skateboard

Kota also learned to do other tricks on her tiny skateboard

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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