Ukrainian Guitarist Plays Beautiful Acoustic Guitar Song to Accompany Air Raid Siren in Kyiv

Ukrainian musician Eugene Naumov sat in the window of his Kyiv apartment and played a beautiful fingerstyle song on his acoustic guitar as a diametric soundtrack to the ragged air raid siren that was sounding off in the background.

Jamming with the Siren

Naumov was so inspiring that other musicians around the world virtually jammed with his performance.

Amazing guitar piece by @eugene naumov. Inspired me to write some emotional lyrics and production around this. #remix #musictok

? original sound – mjhanks

#duet with @eugene naumov I felt both hopeful and terrified while watching this. An idea for a melody came. I freestyled the lyrics from the standpoint of a soldier. #ukraine #song #ukrainiansong #originalsong #music #singersoftiktok

? ???????????? ???? – eugene naumov
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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