Jacques Cousteau’s Grandson Fabien Cousteau Is Living in an Underwater Habitat for 31 Days in ‘Mission 31’ Experiment

Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, is currently living off the coast of Florida in the Aquarius underwater laboratory for a 31-day ocean exploration project entitled Mission 31. The project is focusing on studying how the ocean is affected by climate change, pollution, and overconsumption of resources.

It also honors the 50th anniversary of Jacques Cousteau’s Conshelf Two, a 30-day underwater habitat experiment that was the subject of the 1964 documentary World Without Sun. Mission 31 will continue until July 2nd, 2014. Until then, live streams of Cousteau and the other aquanauts aboard Aquarius are available online.

Mission 31

photos via Mission 31

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