It’s Grace, Grace Helbig’s New (Old) YouTube Channel

Online video personality Grace Helbig, formerly of Daily Grace, has (re)launched her original independent YouTube channel, It’s Grace, after parting ways with My Damn Channel (“MDC”).

Hello and welcome to my brand new (old) youtube channel. IT’S GOING TO BE FUN. Unless it isn’t. Do you get motion sickness? Okay, well then, you’re out. Unless you’ve listened to that Sarah Bareillis song “Brave” like a bunch and are all like “I CAN DO F*CKING ANYTHING.” In that case, STRAP IN. Non sexually speaking.

Grace’s final Daily Grace video “SEE YOU NEXT YEAR” thanked MDC for the past 5 years: “They provided me with a job, which is awesome” but went on to say that things would be different in 2014. And that she’d be taking a 1-week vacation.

The parting of ways seems amiable enough, yet many fans are upset that MDC is retaining the rights to Daily Grace as a part of her contract. But being that Grace brings herself wherever she goes, more than likely the only thing that will have changed is the name of the channel.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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