Colorful Hand Drawn Animation Set to Isan’s ‘Catgot’

Artist Ho Tsz Wing created a wonderfully expressive colorful 2D hand-drawn animation set to the electronic Isan song “Catgot”. Ho stated that this animation does not necessarily have a message to it, but rather an enjoyable fountain show in which the images react to and perhaps enhance the changes within the music.

Those strong beats in the song express the sound of raining, water dripping, and bubble smashing. By this, the water droplets conduct diverse transformations in the animation such as explosion, rotation, distortion. In addition, the hand-drawn texture can enrich the vivid movement of the object as it is different in each brushstroke. “Catgot” is designed for entertainment. It may not include a significant message or story. The artwork highlights the beauty of the colors, composition and transformations of the objects in the scene.

Catgot Ho Tsz Wing

via Vimeo Staff Picks