Is This Thing On? 2 Too, A ‘Saturday Night Live’ Themed Art Show at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles

Motivation Chris Farley by Eric Price

Motivation” (Chris Farley) by Eric Price

Is This Thing On? 2 Too is an art show at Gallery1988 (West) in Los Angeles featuring a collection of Saturday Night Live themed original artwork. The show is currently on display at Gallery1988’s new location (7308 Melrose Avenue) and will run until Saturday, April 20, 2013.

It’s the newest installment in an ongoing series where artists create pieces based on their favorite funny people from ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Schwing by Joey Spiotto

Schwing!” by Joey Spiotto

Stefan by Glen Brogan

Stefan” by Glen Brogan

The Incredible Belushi by Augie Pagan

The Incredible Belushi” by Augie Pagan

Artwork by Oliver Barrett

Pralines and Dick” and “Suck-It-Trebek” by Oliver Barrett

There no beating my balls by Jason Liwag

There’s No Beating My Balls” by Jason Liwag

Its Gumby Damn It by JoKa

It’s Gumby Damn It!” by JoKa

We are on a Mission from God by Rob Loukotka

We’re on a Mission from God” by Rob Loukotka


images via Gallery1988 and credited artists