Interactive LED Coffee Tables

Our friends over at Because We Can and Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have joined forces to create two types of amazing Interactive LED Coffee Tables, “The Ripple” and “The Wave”, both of which are available for purchase through the Because We Can store. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is also selling LED kits for people want to make their own LED coffee table.

Using a network of 32 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors, it detects motion above the table and changes in ambient light. Made of fully analog circuits, the light patterns sweep outwards from your motion with perfect fades, glowing stronger the closer the movement is, rippling across a pool of 480 super-bright white LEDs. It works in full sunlight or total darkness.

Here’s a photo gallery of LED coffee tables and a demo video showing how you can interact with the tables.



photos by Jillian Northrup