Ink the Curious Giant Pacific Octopus Comes Dangerously Close to Falling Out of His Enclosure at the Seattle Aquarium

A curious giant Pacific octopus, adorably named Ink, almost fell out of his enclosure while investigating his new home at the Seattle Aquarium, much to the delight and alarm of aquarium visitors. YouTube user IsoscelesKr4mer captured footage of the cephalopod’s daring feat, which has received lots of attention, including outcries from the public for Ink’s freedom. Tim Kuniholm, the director of public affairs at the aquarium, said that Ink was not trying to escape when he told Q13 FOX News that the video is of “one of our staff members helping Ink back into his exhibit after exploring the edge.”

The Seattle Aquarium works extensively to conserve the octopus population in Puget Sound and just last year successfully advocated for a ban on recreational octopus collection at seven popular dive sites in the area. They also release octopuses back into the wild, including the releases of octopuses Hazel and Franklin just in the last few weeks.

The giant Pacific octopus is the largest species of octopus in the world, and is known to be highly intelligent, capable of deeds such as photography and opening jars from the inside. Guests of the aquarium can see them in action and view feedings of the giant Pacific octopus twice daily.

Hazel’s release

Franklin’s release

via Q13 FOX News

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