Injured Cat Seeking Help Leads Compassionate Human to Her Litter of Tiny Kittens Hidden in the Bushes

In 2017, we wrote about Anelida, the incredibly compassionate human belonging to Santi the angora cat and Walter the golden retriever, who rescued a meowing cat with an injured foot.

Just two years later, Anelida was approached by another limping cat who needed assistance. After a day or two, the cat led Anelida to her litter of tiny kittens hidden in a nearby bush.

One day, a limping mother cat showed up at our garden and she was meowing loudly for food. When I followed her later, I found her whole family in the bushes! Mom cat and her cute little meowing kittens were all living in a tiny space among the bushes!

Anelida loaded the kittens and the mom up in crates, took them to the vet and then found them a foster home together, where they stayed until the kittens were old enough for adoption. As the kittens grew, they became a boisterous bunch, annoying and amusing all including their own mother.

These 5 extremely hyperactive kittens are playing and running like crazy and the mother cat is being very patient with them. The kittens are fighting each other in a very funny way and their mother is just waiting for them to get tired and settle down. …What would happen to a mother cat if she was exposed to 5 hyperactive kittens running like crazy all day long? Our crazy active kittens finally drove their patient mother crazy as well!

After 3 months, all the kittens were adopted into new, loving homes and the mom joined up with the wonderfully fierce cooperative team of outdoor cats at Anelida’s fathers house.

3 months ago, I followed this limping mother cat and found her whole family in the bushes and now I’m uploading the rest of the story! All 5 kittens have been adopted! And the mother cat is now living in my dad’s garden together with our own outdoor cats.

Here’s a photo of mom in her new outdoor home.