‘Infinite Minute’, An Album of One-Minute Songs With a Track Listing Determined by the Level of Kickstarter Funding

Infinite Minute is a forthcoming album by Canadian musician Kim Boekbinder (previously) comprised of one-minute songs. The number of songs on the record will be determined by the total pledges the album gets on Kickstarter, with a new song added for every $100.

I want to see how many one-minute songs I can write (hint: the number is equal to how many you want me to write.) Could be one song, could be a thousand. I’ll be happy with any number. Because I like writing songs. I’m setting aside the month of December to start the Infinite Minute – I bet I can write 100 songs in a month! Let’s find out.

Infinite Minute

image via Kim Boekbinder

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips