Indiegogo Introduces InDemand, A Service That Helps Successful Campaigns Transition to the Next Phase of Operations


Indiegogo has introduced InDemand, a service that helps successfully funded Indiegogo campaigns transition to their next phase of operations. The service will help users track and manage customer data, handle pre-orders, and acquire new customers. Another advantage offered by InDemand is that it allows the managers of a successful campaign to maintain links and SEO generated during fundraising to the next level of production.

In 2014 Indiegogo began a pilot program that also allowed select campaigns to continue fundraising after the campaign deadline.

InDemand is now available for all successfully funded Indiegogo campaigns.

InDemand participants can capture profitable customers and take product pre-orders from around the world, as well as easily manage customer analytics and data, ongoing communications, orders from a single platform. In addition, participants can maintain exposure, SEO and links built during the campaign, capitalizing on existing web traffic to the campaign page, as well as leverage Indiegogo’s email newsletter and other tools to reach an engaged global audience.

image via Indiegogo

Glen Tickle
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