Mixology Expert Explains the Importance of Choosing Glassware According to the Specific Cocktail

On a an episode of “The Cocktail Spirit” on the Small Screen Network, mixology expert and historian Robert Hess (previously) explains the importance of choosing the proper glassware according to the specific cocktail being crafted, using the wonderful Sazerac as an example.

Wine drinkers have long known that different wines taste better in particularly shaped glassware (Thank You Riedel!) In much the same way choosing the right glass for your cocktail can make a big difference in the final results. With cocktails it isn’t so much the nuances of the flavor profile, but instead it is the functionality of the form, the visual presentation, size of the drink, comfort, and elegance as well. Drinks that need to be served with ice obviously need to be in a larger glass than those that don’t. Iced drinks should also be served in glasses with more vertical sides like a typical “Rocks” glass as opposed to an angle-sided “Martini” glass.