Climber Explores Hidden Ice Cave in Chamonix, France

Renowned ice climber Jeff Mercier shared incredible footage documenting his exploration of a gorgeous ice cave in the mountains of Chamonix, France, after being away for a bit.

Jeff Mercier explores the joys of ice climbing in Chamonix after some time away from the mountains. He’s met by the discovery of a beautiful ice cave, full of imagination and possibility.

Mercier, who traded ice climbing for the warmer climate of Corsica, found that the mountains had greater pull than the ocean. He returned to the climate that had raised him after seeing a photo that motivated him to resume his icy exploration.

I stumble upon an image recently taken showing the inside of an enormous ice cave. There’s no further information given about its position, but given the surroundings I can instantly guess the glacier it must be hidden in. …My passion for Alpinism was, is, and will always be, at the centre of my being. Now, however, it was about setting my priorities. This process moved my focus to the ice climbing element of Alpinism.