‘I Want You Bach’, A Brilliant Visual and Musical Mashup That Combines The Jackson 5 with Several Bach Selections

I Want You Bach” by The Piano Guys (previously) is a brilliant visual and musical mashup that combines selections from Johann Sebastian Bach with The Jackson 5. The musicians dressed in the resplendent costume of the 1770s–complete with powdered wigs and harpsichord for the “Bach” portion–and the distinct facial hair and a talk box of the 1970s for the “I Want You Back” portion of the song.

What if the harpsichord from the 1770s hit headlong into the talk box from 1970s? What if J.S. Bach and Jackson 5 met up and just jammed? Would they jive? Can you dig it? These are the kind of far out questions we asked ourselves as we laid down these licks and cut this film. We decided to put together a gig with two wigs in dandy attire and two hep-cats in some funkadelic threads to see if it would fly.