I Saw You, Craigslist Missed Connections Comics

Julia Wertz, creator of The Fart Party, recently launched a new project called “I Saw You”, which is a collection of comics submitted by artists that illustrate various craigslist “Missed Connections” postings. Julia will be compiling an anthology of these comics that will be released at APE in April and SPX in October. She has posted a few of the submissions that she has received so far and they’re really great. Here’s more info on how to contribute to this project.

While Craigslist offers a variety of public services from apartments to one night flings, the Missed Connection ads offers a tender insight into a world of people who run around the city making eye contact with strangers and falling instantly and madly in love. And what better way to pay homage to such unrequited love than to exploit it in a comic book?