Siberian Husky Siblings Engage in a Howling Contest

While lazing around the bedroom, a noisy pair of Siberian Husky siblings named Kaiser and Kira engaged themselves in a spontaneous howling contest. Kira started and Kaiser jumped right in after her.

Spontaneous howling. Kaiser and Kira started howling and tries to outdo each other.

This adorable event took place before Kaiser’s tragic death in 2010. Kaiser sadly passed away from lymphoma at the age of six.

Kaiser always voiced his opinion and lived in the moment. He fought a 9 month battle with T-Cell lymphoma and lived happily even through the chemo sessions. He stayed strong to the very end. Rest in Peace Kaiser bear 7.24.10 Kaiser would not have been given the extra 9 months if it weren’t for Frankie’s Friends who donated to his chemo.

via Miss Cellania